About the Yemeni Mocha Coffee Beans, its types and locations:

The name Mocha is considered a historical symbol for the oldest coffee dynasty on earth. The name Mocha is associated with the port of Mocha, which was a major market for the finest Yemeni coffee, which is called Mocha after the name of the port of Mocha.

The roots of our heritage and the bounties of our country, including our deepening and uniqueness in searching for the finest types of Yemeni coffee mocha, and expanding the area of ​​investment in the unique Yemeni coffee beans to reach everyone around the world.

We are an export company specialized in exporting Yemeni products, the most important of which is Yemeni Mocha coffee, where we have a link and deal with many coffee growers in the heart of the distinguished areas in the cultivation of Yemeni Mocha coffee throughout Yemen, where we collect coffee from several main places through intermediaries and traders specialized in transporting coffee to markets The main company as well as from the farmers themselves, where we buy coffee beans at an attractive price to encourage farmers to take care of planting the coffee tree and make utmost efforts to produce the finest types, and then we collect coffee in the form of raw beans, which are then collected and dried using the sun’s heat, drying naturally in designated places and hand drying In the hands of workers specialized in coffee harvesting, drying and production processes. The areas from which we bring the MOCHA coffee beans are numerous, namely:

1MOCHA Coffee Beans (a trademark), which is obtained from the areas adjacent to the port of MOCHA, such as:

  1. Merab Mountain (Mikhlaf Mirab), which is located in the Maqbanah District, a mountain range located east of the port of Mocha, which is less than 70 kilometres by air from the port of Mocha. Where it is considered the first original region for the production and export of coffee in the past to the market of the port of Mocha, which is a high mountain chain of more than 1500 km above sea level and its climate, is very suitable for growing coffee and obtaining a crop of excellent value.
  2. Al Hammadi coffee (Hammad area, Taiz Governorate)
  3. Udaini Coffee
  4. Jabal Habashi beans ( Taiz Governorate)
  5. Raimi coffee, which is grown in the Raimah Mountains.

2 Mocha coffee is from the northern regions (secondary areas for the cultivation of Mocha coffee),

and it is also one of the origins of Mocha coffee and all kinds of coffee in Yemen. Mocha coffee and its origins are from the same strain and from the northern regions from which we get the coffee from; we have several types such as:

  1. Harazi Coffee Beans
  2. Al-Ansi Coffee Beans
  3. Borai Coffee Beans
  4. Khawlani Coffee Beans
  5. Hamdani Coffee Beans
  6. Hafashi Coffee Beans
  7. Mattari Coffee Beans
  8. Yafeii Coffee Beans

We are always keen to acquire the best types of coffee beans, which are from experienced right-wing farmers who have ancient historical experience in dealing with the coffee tree and the coffee crop and how to produce the best types, as this profession is a heritage we cherish in our country and we consider it a cultural and popular heritage and part of our entity.