A Bit About Us

Swift Supply Company for Importing, Exporting, and Commercial Services: Located in the Republic of Yemen in Sana’a.

It is an independent company registered in the official departments in the Republic of Yemen under Commercial Registration No. 20/2040 (Exporting of local products) and Commercial Registration No. 20/50614 (Marketing, Distribution, Commercial Agencies, Representing Companies, Public relations, and Business accomplish), as well as Commercial Registration No. 2021010283 (Medicines, Medical Supplies and Fabrics)

What We Seek

Swift Supply seeks to expand its services and commercial activities by exporting local Yemeni products and promoting them in the local and global markets, as well as importing Pharmaceutical Drugs and Medical Supplies, import Garments, Textiles, and Shoes.

The company also performs other services such as: Representing global companies and acting as a commercial mediator between the buyer/importer and the manufacturers/exporter directly and searches for markets that accommodate the products of the local and global traders.

Swift Supply plays the role of marketing, distribution, and supports commercial agencies in various economic sectors as well as accomplishing the business for the local and global traders by providing customers with requirements and expanding the range of good products by finding the suitable resources for required goods. The company also provides the necessary facilities for the traders with the related parties and official authorities.

To reach the highest standards of quality and to establish long-term partnership and relationships based on credibility in all transactions by enabling foreign companies to open markets for their products and marketing them in Yemeni territory, as well as enabling local traders to market local products externally and enabling them to reach competitive goods.”



To be one of the best local companies in enabling local and foreign traders to open new markets for their products locally and abroad, facilitating their procedures and providing an appropriate service to the citizen’s income level.

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