• Pharmaceutical drugs and medical supplies.
  • Garments and Textiles.
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and promoting Yemeni products in foreign markets, such as:

  • Yemeni coffee (mocha) of various kinds

  • Yemeni honey

  • Spices 
  • Fruits and Vegetables

General Commercial Services include:


(Field marketing, electronic marketing through social media or advertisements) One of the cores of our activities and business is marketing on behalf of others, as our Marketing Department undertakes the marketing of other companies products and services, starting with developing marketing strategies and selling plans, studying the local market needs and competing products, and ending with achieving the highest possible profit rates for our customers. Swift Supply is keen to provide global expertise to the local and international market, and the most advanced marketing and sales methods, which made us, have the confidence of our customers greatly and honorably, and we have taken upon ourselves to assume responsibility for the success of any product we are marketing.

2 Distribution and transportation of products (to all cities in Yemen and also to various countries in the world).

3  Local and global commercial agencies (by searching for suitable agencies that meet the desires and needs of local traders to increase competition in the local market and provide various alternatives that meet the needs of the community).

4 Representing local and global companies (by acting as an authorized entity to open a commercial field between local and global traders.

5 Accomplishing commercial business (by searching for suitable markets that accommodate the products of local and global traders and expanding the range of good products and providing customers’ requirements by searching for suitable resources for the required goods.

6 Public relations (by providing the necessary facilities for the local and global traders with the related parties and official authorities).


Additional Services

General supplies relief materials and non-relief materials

Hygiene and cleaning materials and medicines

Construction and contracting in coordination with the best specialized office in this field

Consulting and auditing, in addition to translation, in coordination with the best specialized bodies in these fields

Logistics services

Providing stock management – off-loading and uploading

Making external bookings and reservations, whether for shipments, hotels, or hospitals, as well as registration and admission for external study

Designing accounting systems suitable for local traders and small establishments

Designing Webpages with full support from the design stage until the launch stage, at reasonable prices

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